What’s After Easter, Now What?

What’s After Easter, Now What?

Have you ever complained about having a lousy day?  Lost a job, only to get a better one!

Go through a major reorganization at work, to find yourself placed in a better track for your career!  Experience a great tragedy in your family, just to find that you’ve got an amazing family, both close and extended that helped you become closer and more appreciative of each other! Go through a great painful experience, to find that there was inner strength within to take you through!

The greatest victories of your life came at the expense of your greatest battles!  Your greatest life lessons came through your most painful experiences of life!

Easter proves that point over and over!  The powerful message of victory in the empty tomb comes at the expense of a humiliating death at the cross!  As Easter passes, we might be tempted to forget the practical implications for our daily living.

Let me remind you of the Cross:

1. The Cross displays a historical reality!  God shows how much he loves us!  John 19:26-27

2. The Cross demands participation.  The Cross invites us to join in. John 19: 28-29

3. The Cross delivers complete obedience. Jesus is obedient to the death. John 19:30-33

4. The Cross drips with blood and water. His blood is left at the Cross. John 19:34

5. The Cross declares the truth of the Scriptures. If this is true, then what God says is true! John 19:35-37

So as each day passes, and we forget Easter, I hope you realize that the Cross made everything possible for you!  As you experience the pain of the present, the Cross makes it possible for Easter to give us hope and victory!  Christ’s greatest battle was his victory at Easter!

So as He lives, so also shall we live!

Weeping may endure for the night, but joy will come in the morning!

Dr. Fel

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