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Katy Perry says in her song, Teenage Dream,
       Let’s go all the way tonight
       No regrets, just love
       We can dance until we die
       You and I, we’ll be young forever
       You make me feel like I’m living a
       Teenage dream
       The way you turn me on, I can’t sleep
       Let’s run away and don’t ever look back, don’t ever look back
       My heart stops when you look at me
       Just one touch, now baby I believe
       This is real, so take a chance
       And don’t ever look back, don’t ever look back.
What it the clear message of this song or any other song that we hear on the radio, or TV, or on a playlist on iTunes? 
Love is an emotion, a feeling, an intimate connection between a couple…Tina Turner says, “it’s physical, only logical.”  “But who needs a heart, when a heart can be broken.”  And that’s the problem!  So like Foreigner we continue to ask, “I want to know what love is?”
I just want to say that we VOTE 4 LOVE!
So let me give you this simple acrostic:
1.  V—love is a verb!  Love is not an emotion, feeling or an act.  Love is a choice; a decision.  John 3:16
2.  O—love is other-focused! Love means that you put someone else first!  1 John 4:19-21
3.  T—love means time!  Love is spelled T-I-M-E; it’s your most important commodity!  Genesis 29:20
4.  E—love is enduring! Love doesn’t quit, even when it is tough.  Love stays and doesn’t leave!  I Corinthians 13:7
In a world confused about love, the Bible message is simple and concise!  Simply put, LOVE is a verb!  So VOTE 4 LOVE!
Dr. Fel

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