God Has A Dream For You

God Has A Dream For You

From the trees, Bubba hit a 40 yard hook shot from 150 yards away to land his ball on the green…his two putt par was enough for him to win his first Masters trophy…Bubba became the 2012 Masters Champion!

In the interview with Jim Nance in the Butler cabin, Jim asks, “Would you have dreamed you’d be wearing the Green Jacket?”  “I never got this far in my dreams!” replied, Bubba.  But the One who saw Bubba before he was born saw this happen…It was in HIS dreams!

“I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!” as Bubba declared, outside the 18th green as he donned the Green Jacket. We will remember Bubba’s shot on the second playoff hole, his drive on the 10th hole strayed way to the right and Bubba hitting through a tunnel, a 40 yard hook shoot, laying on pine needles, and not seeing the green…his shot landed within 15 feet…his two putt par makes him the 2012 Masters Champion!

Like Bubba, we all need to bury the lies of the past—”I never got this far in my dreams…”

Only then can we hear the Truth of the One saying to us…”I have a dream for you!  Bigger than any dream you have for yourself!  You can live fully alive!”

This week is Masters Week, the 77th Masters Championship and who will wear the Green Jacket?  Who will be the next golfer to say, “I’ve never got this far in my dreams?”  Stay tuned and let’s watch it together!

In the meantime, don’t waste another second in your life…God is not mad at you, He’s mad about you!

Believe it!  Better yet, did you hear it?   Listen…He’s saying it again!

I’ve got a dream for you!

And God does!

Quit the negative self-talk, don’t believe the lie that tells you it can’t happen for you, quit listening to your enemies!

He has a dream for you that you have never dreamed for yourself!

Dr. Fel

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